Free Email Services That Don’t Require Phone Verification

Are you looking forward to a kind of email service that does not require phone number verification? Worry not, as there are plenty of such services available. Below you will find a list of them, from there you can choose according to your requirement. 

Free Email without phone verification is not a myth and truly exists on the internet.

So, without waiting anymore let’s dive into the list one by one.


    When it comes to registration, it is quite simple and does not require you to undergo any kind of hardship. All it requires you to enter the name, email address, answer a security question, password, and then you are done. For a new user, it allows to use up to 65 GB of storage and the highest file size allowed is 30MB.

    It is one of the best email service providers which you will come across. It is known to provide anonymous registration along with a maximum storage capacity of up to 1 GB. In addition to this, it is encrypted which adds up the security layer to it, and has no adverts. Also, it is a free and open-source project.
  3. Yandex Mail

    It belongs to Russia and provides several internet products and services. Email is one of them. Its email is known to have a well-designed user interface along with the best security. For a free email account, it allows 10GB of storage which is not that much less as compared to others.
  4. GMX Mail

    This is also a popular email service. It is free and does not require any phone number verification at the time of registration and can be the best choice among its users as it allows the use of email without having to use any phone number and allows up to 65 GB of free storage. In addition to this, you can create and manage up to 10 alias addresses without having to pay anything in exchange.

    It belongs to Switzerland and provides Free emails without phone verification. In addition to this, it allows 500 MB of storage and 150 emails per day. When it comes to encryption, ProtonMail is the one that fulfills this requirement as well. One of the great features of it is that it allows sending password-protected emails that self-destruct after certain days.
  6. Inbox.Iv

    This email service is available in Latvia. In addition to email, it is also known to provide a variety of services like file sharing, photo backup, calendar, etc. All this can come in your hand with free registration and also without having to provide your phone number. You will be provided 20GB of storage for free once you get registered.
  7. Tempmail

    As the name suggests, it provides you with an email service on a temporary basis and that is valid for a few hours. You will not be required to register it to use it also no verification is needed at all. On visiting this website, you will be provided a temporary email address for free and without any verification, i.e., you can create an email id without a phone number.
  8. Mailinator

    Similar to Tempmail it also provides a temporary email service for free and without any phone number verification and account registration. One thing should be kept in mind while using this email service, that is, using it you can only receive the email but can not use it to send the emails. One drawback it includes is that all emails are visible publicly and there is no constraint of privacy in it. This email service is good for those who want an email id for registration and do not want to use their official email id for the same cause, i.e., registration. 

So, these were some email service providers that do not require you to use phone number verification at the time of registration or can say Emails that don’t require phone number. For more such related articles, you can read on

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