Which is it that causes the “Can’t connect to DHCP Server’ problem message in Xbox?

If you’re getting a ‘”Can’t connect to DHCP Server Xbox’ error in trying to connect your Xbox console over the internet or via a network. this is the case, then you’re in best hands to solve the issue.

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The following article you’ll be presented with simple steps or techniques to eliminate the error. Let’s get started.

“DHCP Server” DHCP Server is connected to your router or other equipment within your network. The purpose of DHCP server is to assign various devices connected to your home network with distinct Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

If another device within the router’s network uses the same IP as your Xbox console shares the same IP address, your Xbox console won’t be able to connect to the network or the internet.

Many Xbox players complained that they were greeted with a Could not connect directly to the DHCP Server’ error when they tried to connect their Xbox console to the internet or on a network.

This error indicates it is because the DHCP server is unable to provide an Xbox console access to an Internet Protocol (Internet Protocol). This error stops your connection to the network for various reasons. It can result in the Xbox console’s connection to the network being disconnected. problem.

The reason behind “Can’t connect to your DHCP Server” this error may be related to the settings of your Xbox console, which is configured to allow the server to assign it an IP address while creating an DHCP server.

The issue could also be resulted from an alternative console or device given an address similar to Xbox Console’s IP. Let’s figure out the cause.

What can I do to fix the”Can’t join” DHCP Server Xbox issue?

Method 1. Make sure that you power your console and device.

Switch off the router, as well as the Xbox Console to correct any intermittent issues with the devices that can cause this type problem.

Step 1: Switch off your router and Xbox Console The Xbox Console is off.

Step 2: Disconnect cords that power both devices from the power outlet, and sit for five to 5 minutes.

Step 3: After this, turn on both routers as well as the Xbox console. Then, let the connection become established.

Step 4: Now you must press the ‘Menu’ button of the Xbox Remote and navigate into Network settings > Settings. Choose “Test the Network Connection” Then, you can determine if the issue been fixed.

Method 2 Give an IP address which is permanent to the Xbox console Xbox console Method 2: Assign a static IP address to the Xbox console

A dynamic IP that is assigned to the Xbox console could cause this error. Resolve the issue by providing the static IP for your console.

Step 1: Connect Your Xbox console. After that with your Xbox remote, go through Network Settings, Settings and Advanced Settings.

Step 2: In the Advanced Settings window find and write down the IP that is located under the tab called ‘IP Settings’.

Step 3: Then search to find “MAC Address” in the IP Settings’ section and enter the 12-digit code of the connection you’re using at home.

Step 4: Now open your browser, and then type in your primary gateway’s URL into the bar of your browser.

Step 5: Enter the login credentials of your router in order to login to the configuration page of your router.

Step 6: When you are on the router’s configuration page, select “Enable Manual Assignment” to enable it.

Step 7: Next you must enter the IP address as well as MAC addresses in the field that is provided, which you entered in step 2 and step 3′. step 3′.

Step 8: Select”Add “Add” option and then test whether the “Can’t connect to DHCP Server’ issue message is resolved.

Method 3. Try alternative cable or port The cable or port you are using is not compatible with HTML1

You can also try to fix this problem by switching the port on your network or using a cables.

1. Turn off the Xbox console and router as well as your the modem.

2. Take your Ethernet cables from the two devices.

3. Connect the cable to other port on your modem or router. You could also try different cable before connecting the cable to your modem or router.

4. Then, turn off the devices and let them establish the connection.

5. Now you must press the menu button of the Xbox remote. After that, navigate into Settings, Network and network settings’. Choose one of the options to check the network connection. After you’ve successfully completed your test you can check whether DHCP server error has been resolved.

Method 4 Call Xbox Customer Service

If the issue is still persist, then you can try contacting Xbox Customer Care via ‘‘ page.

It is an official Xbox Customer Service that will certainly assist you in fixing the problem. So, it is recommended to test this.


I am sure this article will assist you to discover how to fix the issue of being unable to connect to DHCP Server Xbox with various straightforward ways. Learn and follow our steps to resolve the issue. If this article was beneficial to you, please forward this article to your friends to help them.

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