Haikyuu Season 4 Part 1 Honest Review

If you are a Japanese anime and manga fan then, I am sure you may have heard about Haikyuu. This very famous and successful series has already launched three seasons and after the end of season 3 almost four years back, fans have been patiently waiting for the new season of the show. And the makers did satisfy the fans by presenting a very good season 4 which was split into two parts. The new season of Haikyuu was aired in January 2020 and the fans had to wait too much for season 4. But, the reaction of the fans confirmed that the wait was worth every moment as it was a very good one. 

The latest season of Haikyuu focused on Karasuno High School’s journey to the national tournament and the spring nationals. So, let’s give every fan a little insight into the season and what awaits them when they finally watch it. We are sure that this season of Haikyuu will also keep you hooked to the screen to know what has finally happened to Karasuno High school.

Introduction of Haikyuu

As we have seen in the last season that Karasuno High defeated the Shiratorizawa Academy in the final matches and then finally received a ticket for the national games. Along with this, there we many other significant developments like Kageyama Tobio who went to the youth Training camp of the whole of Japan and Tsukishima Kei who got admitted to the first-year wide training camp. We also saw the brutal reality of Hinata Shoya as he was not invited to any training program and camp and the dejection he faced after that. But, this was not all that what was happening as the next season of Haikyuu which was season 4 bought many other things which you will get to know more about in this in-depth analysis of the series by us. 

Breakdown of Season 4

  • Prefecture Training Camp

The first major thing that happened during the season was the prefecture training camp and how Hinata sneaks into the camp. Yes, you heard it right, Hinata finally got the guts to sneak into the camp and also has the courage to admit it to everyone when he was caught by the coach. This also brought a plot twist to the series where the coach doesn’t comment on Hinata’s presence in the camp and also does not asks him to leave too. Hinata got the opportunity to stay in the camp as a ball boy.

This instance showed us the courage that is present inside Hinata as he has decided to prove himself to everyone who has criticised him and for this, he uses his time in the camp to observe things and learn through them.

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  • Karasuno vs Date tech practice match

The next major incident of the season was the practice match of Karasuno High school. The iron wall defence of the school was still the same as it has always been but while in the match, Kageyama has a little tussle with Nishinoya as he was very edgy ever since his return from the camp. There were facts that prompted everyone to remember Kageyama as the Tyrannical King who snaps at everyone. But, there were some positive developments in Asahi and Hinata during the game. 

  • National Tournament

The last major development in the season was the National Tournament which also gives an insight into the Haikyuu plot twists. The Karasuno team reaches the venue and Kageyama sees some familiar players that he met at the training. The two other teams Nekoma High and Fukurodani High also meet the Karasuno High team. Hinata plays wonderfully well in the first part of the game and shows some wonderful shots. The other players like Kageyama and Tsukishima were also very amazing during the game and all of them played well in the game depending on each other. 

Analysis of the First part of Season 4

There were some important parts of the season that people need to focus on. A lot of fans were very sad to see Hinata dejected and worried. We saw Hinata being envious of Kageyama which was understandable for people as it was Kageyama who first mocked Hinata using very sharp words. But, it was a treat to watch the relationship between Hinata and Kageyama develop further. We also see Hinata being not a part of any training camp which was another factor that made us sympathize with Hinata. But, we also saw the display of true sportsmanship by the fellow players when they treated Hinata the same. We see Karasuno High develop as a team and all of the players depending on each other to play well and win the game. 

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Continuing its tradition of delivering wonderful seasons and episodes, this season of Haikyuu was also a treat to watch where we saw the Karasuno High school winning the match and advancing to the next stage where they will meet a very strong team: Inarizaki High. Part 1 of season 4 was every bit interesting but we can say that the season proceeded a little slow and the development was rather sluggish.

The fans of the series saw the beautiful transition of the players and their personalities. And the hard work that they have input in the training resulted in their wins in the tournament. We can say that this season had some great moments which will make you wait for the next part of Season 4. 

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