Best Free Email Without Phone Number Verification

Finding an email service that does not ask for phone number verification these days is quite difficult. Almost all the email services have made it compulsory that you provide them with a phone number but many people do not want to share their personal information and this is why they look for emails that don’t require phone number. In this guide, you will know about some of the best email services that are free as well as do not ask for phone numbers.

Best Email Services without Phone Number Verification is an amazing email service that requires no phone number when you are creating an account for yourself. This email service was launched by 1&1 Mail & Media Inc. and is based in the USA. The email service has a very neat and structured interface that can be used on any device. There are more than 200 domains available on this platform from which you can choose the one which suits you well and you can also send emails with attachments up to 50 MB. You should consider this email service as it is a very good one.


One of the best email without phone number is ProtonMail. This wonderful email service is an end-to-end encrypted one that focuses a lot on protecting the privacy of its customers. You will also get a secured calendar and storage space along with your email account. There is a very good feature of Self destructing emails if you do not want an email to stay after a certain time. You can create an account on ProtonMail in more than 20 languages and can use it globally.


Another very good email service that has never focused on phone numbers while creating an account is Tutanota. This email service has many wonderful features which makes it a very popular choice among users. You can also secure your messages on this website as the messages are end-to-end encrypted. Along with this, there are spam filters and different languages on this website.


This Russian email service is very popular in its home country and can be considered to be the Google of Russia. Yandex is a very trusted option for all Russian users and also does not ask for your phone number when you make an account. You can very easily set up a mailbox for your account and you will see that even though it is a free site there are absolutely no advertisements on this platform. It is very easy to use this website as the interface is very simple and easily navigated.

Guerrilla Mail

If you wish to create email without phone number then, you can also use Guerrilla Mail. Ever since its launch in 2006, this email company has benefited millions of people. There are different domain names present on this website and has secured HTTPS connections which make the website very safe for use. Along with this, there are also some wonderful features that this email service gives.

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