Amazing Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially

Growing a business, well, that’s some real business talk. It’s like wearing several hats at the same time while many more await. The point is when it comes to growing a firm there is a lot that needs to be catered to. From planning marketing strategies to growth plans to product creation frequently.

Since growing a firm is such a critical process, often the digital presence of the business is ignored. However, that is a grave mistake. A website is paramount in creating a lasting impression on the consumers and winning their loyalty. It reflects the business idea and offers a clear, captivating image of the company. By ensuring the consumers feel secure, interested, and at ease when they visit a company’s website, there is a greater probability of them completing the purchase as well as becoming a loyal & longtime customer.

Because having a solid web design is paramount to expanding the business exponentially, here are some tricks to use web designs in a way that benefits your company.

1. Video Landing Page

Including a video in the website design is an obvious choice considering that almost 78% of internet users indulge in online videos every week. However, when it comes to including videos in your website, make sure you don’t settle for anything you may find on Youtube. Instead, try going for something more proactive such as hiring an animation production house to help you create an animated video which can be displayed on the landing page.

Now, you must be wondering how that will help a business? Well, this way the business can win the audience’s interest which may propel them to make the purchase. The firm can also design a captivating video that auto-plays on the homepage to attract the customers. Both of these approaches will provide information and position the business image in the consumer’s mind resulting in a positive user experience and impression of the company as a whole.

2. Parallax Scrolling

One of the major impacts of Covid has been the great reliance on technology which has made people three-folds lazier. Digital experiences are exceptionally beneficial, however, the extreme dependence on them is making people inactive. They are becoming so lazy that clicking a button may feel like a strenuous task. This is where parallax scrolling enters the frame.

Parallax scrolling is among the latest web design techniques gaining popularity with time. This unique scrolling design has combated consumers’ general laziness while remaining interesting and visually captivating. With a single swipe, users can view all the necessary information as they browse through the website. Moreover, parallax scrolling adds depth to the website and makes the user experience unforgettable.

3. Animated Calls To Action

Call to action or CTA’s are a vital aspect of website design. The basic purpose of this, as the word suggests, is to call consumers to take action. They don’t know what to do unless the business clearly directs them.  Many. Many. Times. However, simply dictating them what to do isn’t going to be sufficient. There is intense competition on the web so as a business owner, it’s important to put in extra effort to help the company stand out.

The best way to attract the audience is to include a little animation in the action items. Whether it’s a tiny interaction such as liking an Instagram post and seeing the several reaction animations or a basic effect to grab user’s interest, customers are most likely to implement the action the company is encouraging them to once the call to action catches their attention. By adding animation in your call to action, the firm will be able to raise the conversion rate on its website. Some of the most common CTA’s are:

  • By including an option of “Get Started Free”
  • Asking people to share content on social media
  • Asking for “Free Signups”
  • By providing a discount offer

4. Custom Typography

All online destinations have text, but what matters is how it is displayed. Does it suit the image of the company you are trying to portray through the website? Is it appealing enough? The days of basic Arial, and Times New Roman font are long gone. This is the age of making an impact in any way possible.

Businesses wanting to make a lasting impression must take their message to the next level by incorporating custom typography that suits the firm’s brand identity while simultaneously communicating it to the consumers. Interestingly, the company has complete liberty to use this unique typography in any area of the website. Many brands incorporate it in their logo design, while other firms garnish custom fonts on the entire design to emphasise vital content.

In the end

All in all, growing a business is a tough row to hoe and one that requires extreme determination, hard work, and a strong skill set. It involves several risks and rewards depending on the decision. However, one can always maximise the benefits by implementing some tips and tricks as mentioned in this article. By improving the web design, companies can majorly impact their overall growth rate and strengthen their customer base. The more loyal consumers, the more smooth running of the business and the more feasible it is to expand the company.

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