4 Biggest Benefits of Using Solar Energy in Australia

Solar energy is indeed a smart resource that several households and commercial buildings use across Australia. After all, it is a stable source of energy that is never going to run out. Since 2017, more than 3.5 million solar panels have been installed in residential buildings. Also, it is expected that more than 50% of the houses will depend on solar power by 2050.

Whether it is about using solar energy in Penrith or Sydney, Australians have started to switch to solar power for their power needs. Do you know why so many Australians have started using solar power? Have a look at the advantages of using solar energy given in the following section.

Advantages of using solar energy:

  • A renewable source of energy

As you know solar energy is generated from a renewable source of energy, it is sustainable, endless, and can be used for years without any exhaustion. It is powered by two forms of energy from the sun – the light and heat, and there is no fear of running out of resources. So, as long as the sun remains above your head or stays around, you will get an endless supply of energy. Moreover, when compared to the non-renewable sources of energy like fossil fuels that will likely run out by 2080, it will be always better to use solar energy.

·         Better for the environment

Well, there is no doubt that using a renewable source of energy will be the most appropriate way to be kinder to the planet and the environment. After all, the usage of solar power does not leave any carbon footprint. Unlike man-made energy sources like coal and natural gas, solar energy hardly releases any greenhouse gas, carcinogen, and CO2 that are responsible for having a wreaked effect on the environment.

·         Reduce electricity bills

Even if you have not yet thought about switching to solar energy for your power needs, you should not delay thinking about it any further. Well, why shouldn’t you when you get an option to cut down your electricity expense? In simple words, when you install a solar panel on your rooftop and start relying on solar energy for your power supply, you will be able to reduce your dependency on electricity and save more money on your electricity bill. You can simply use solar power that is generated by your solar panels to run your appliances during the daytime. If you have excess power, you can store it in solar batteries and use it at night times. Thus, you will have a great solution to lower your electricity bills.

Helps to gain government incentives

In Australia, the government rewards people who use solar energy by offering good financial incentives. The solar rebate lowers the price of solar panels that are set up on the rooftops of houses or offices through small-scale technology certificates (STCs). These certificates are used as a form of renewable energy currency. In other words, they are a kind of carbon credit that represents a unit of renewable energy. The number of STCs a person can collect depends on their location, the capacity of their solar panels and how much power they are expected to generate. If you have solar panels on your rooftop, you will probably get about 19 STCs per kilowatt of solar power installed. As you will receive the STCs before installation, you can get a discount on their installation.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, now, you will think about installing a solar panel on your rooftop at your home or office. If you want to install solar panels, you can simply reach out to a solar panel manufacturer or provider near you. For example, if you want to install solar panels and use solar energy in Penrith, you can contact a solar system manufacturer in Penrith. Once you install a solar system, you no longer have to worry about your electricity expense and playing your part in protecting the environment at the same time. So, no matter where you live on this planet, do consider installing solar panels and contributing to a healthier and safer environment.

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