Which is The Best Content Management System for Creating a Business Website in 2022?

Running a business isn’t about producing the product, advertising through brochures and billboards, and then selling it anymore. It’s more about having a strong digital presence now. Thus, as business owners, we need to adapt to the current requirements to survive in this ruthless corporate world where having an effective business website is significant.

Now, the real question is how to have a digital presence? Well, the only solution to this is having a reliable content management system (CMS) which is the easiest way to construct a website. A content management system is a software used to handle and change content on the website which doesn’t require any coding or technical knowledge.

To increase the number of visitors to the business website and make sure they stay long, attractive content is the requirement: texts, pictures, videos, and graphics. They just don’t add value, but they’re also positively accepted by search engines. However, maintaining quality content asks for continuous revision: publishing, updating, and handling content in an interactive way. And, this is why you need to have a CMS. Interestingly, the foundation that is used for site maintenance can either make or break the business. Therefore, here are some of the best content management systems for the creation of business websites.


The most recognized and popular CMS solution, WordPress is the best way to design a website or blog. This free and open-source platform began with a blogging forum and has established itself into a full-fledged CMS that can cater to every need. Today, it is capable of creating any style of the website, hence several top firms are happily using this system and benefiting from it. 

But, how is it helpful to businesses? Well, it has a relatively low maintenance cost along with being super user-friendly. This means firms can cut down on the cost of hiring a web design agency to do the work. What’s more? Many wonderful themes are free which the company can use to appeal to its audience.

Moreover, there exist several plugins with which the site’s functionality can be immensely improved, making the website experience amazing. Also, it’s highly customizable, which is a great benefit for businesses.


Slightly more complicated than WordPress, Joomla has a 3% market share in the CMS market and has a lot to offer to its users. This CMS might be difficult to get familiar with, but is an incredible option for firms that need multiple custom-type posts.

Apart from this, Joomla contains almost 7,793 extensions to choose from with an amazing variety of options available. Not only this, Joomla’s team of developers put in a lot of effort to provide its users with the latest designs and features consistently; another great benefit for firms to hook their customers and position the company image in their minds. This CMS provides its users with full freedom and flexibility when it comes to designing the site.


Hubspot is just another name for excellence. It is a web content management system designed to help companies function more effectively. It is built on the customer relationship software (CRM) which includes the basic CMS infrastructure with additional quality features such as marketing, distribution, and customer service tools.

In short, Hubspot offers an all-in-one marketing package for businesses, including automation, email marketing, social media management, and much more. Sounds cool, right?

The moral is Hubspot is one of the best CMS that makes maintaining the website so simple that companies can focus on strengthening their customer relationship. Thus, when working with Hubspot, thoroughly plan the website, include audience-oriented content, and make sure the content is in a language familiar to them.


Drupal makes you drool, quite literally. It’s just that incredible! Drupal is the king of CMS platforms. It was introduced in the market in 2001 and has some great loyal followers. The best thing about Drupal is it can uphold a huge website with several pages and articles.

 Hence, if a company is planning to expand its operations, Drupal should be a priority. Furthermore, this software is 100% customizable and is flooded with some great features that can fulfil the most innovative expectations.

Apart from this, Drupal offers a high level of security so sites associated with it are tough to hack. Also, this particular CMS solution is known for providing a convenient way of engaging with external media.

Not only this, Drupal is widely used for website development in the PHP programming language and supports newsletters, collaborative authority, podcasts, pictures, file upload downloads, and so much more. There seems no reason why firms may not want to use Drupal to strengthen their web presence.


A hit among the startup businesses, Silverstripe is an immensely versatile CMS platform. It’s a relatively new solution but has been quick to become a user favourite, thanks to its user-friendliness. What’s great about this solution is that it has an array of tools available to set up a professional-looking site within minutes. Also, it has incredible SEO features which help direct traffic to the firm’s website.


The corporate world is majorly revolving around technology thus having an impactful web presence is paramount. The best way of doing this is by choosing the best content management system. Now that you know the details of the different CMS’, choose the one that fits your company’s requirements, preferences, and convenience to climb the success ladder.

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