Signs It Is Time To Call For Sprinkler Repair Services

Most people rely on their sprinkler system to maintain the health of their yard, plants, and grass. However, problems can arise with frequent use. Being aware of the signs of a problem is the best way to ensure that it is resolved quickly and that no other issues arise.

When your sprinkler system is not working properly, it can cause a lot of inconvenience for both you and your guests. On the other hand, a properly functioning sprinkler system can help to keep your lawn looking pristine and green while also preventing injuries from happening. If you’re experiencing problems with your sprinkler system, don’t hesitate to contact a professional sprinkler repair in Tucson service to get it fixed.

The following are some of the most common signs that it is time to call in the professionals for sprinkler repair services.

Parched Patches and Soaked Spots

A sprinkler system that provides balanced coverage will keep the lawn healthy. A leak in the home’s irrigation system, on the other hand, can have a negative impact on water distribution. Patches of yellow grass or overly saturated areas can indicate a variety of problems ranging from faulty sprinkler heads to incorrect zone settings. Calling a landscape professional will help you identify the problem and restore proper water flow to keep grass and other plants healthy and green.

Control Valves that Constantly Drip

The back end of your sprinkler system is in charge of delivering the appropriate amount of water to each zone of your yard. A properly functioning valve should never leak or drip, and any damp areas around filters or pressure regulators indicate a problem. In addition, small grass clippings and dirt particles that accumulate in the equipment can cause leaks, jeopardizing the operation. Make sure that you do not ignore these drips.

Sprinkler Heads that Sputter

When your sprinkler heads start spraying off-target, they could be responding to pressure or valve issues. On the other hand, Sprinkler heads may develop chips or cracks over time, affecting their performance. The pop-up heads can shift out of place and sputter misdirected water into puddles. Debris accumulation can cause clogs in sprinkler heads, causing them to spray off-target when they should be spraying the lawn.

Low or High-Pressure Issues

Your yard will not receive the necessary water if there is insufficient pressure. However, excessive pressure can also cause premature wear on the system’s components. Although regulators and control valves may cause many fluctuations in pressure from high to low, the issue could also be the irrigation pipes. These, like a home’s plumbing pipes, are susceptible to movement in the ground and invasive tree roots.


A leaking sprinkler system is not only inconvenient, it will also increase your water bill. Water loss due to leaks and drips indicates that an underground pipe has cracked or burst. Failure to address this issue promptly may result in further damage to your pipers, increasing your repair costs. Furthermore, water will collect in certain areas of your yard, creating muddy and marshy conditions, while other areas of your yard will dry out and die due to a lack of moisture.

Specific Sprinkler Zones Not Starting Up

While most sprinkler irrigation problems are caused by worn-out, damaged, or clogged components, electrical glitches can also cause zone-specific issues that necessitate recalibrating. For example, assume that certain zones of your sprinkler system do not start up or function properly. In that case, a sprinkler system repair specialist may need to inspect your control unit and electrical wiring.

Higher than Normal Water Costs

If you open your water bill for the month and get sticker shock, you should contact an irrigation professional. They can inspect the system and determine whether a faulty pressure regulator has forced too much water through it or if a control valve is delivering unbalanced loads. In many cases, an increase in your usage is an indication of a leak that must be addressed immediately.

Final Words

While some damages may appear obvious, you may be surprised to find hidden problems with your sprinkler system. A good sprinkler system repair professional will inspect your entire system and determine whether components need to be repaired or replaced.

The first step they may take is to run your sprinkler system, and once they have a good idea of what is wrong, they will remove all water from your system.

If there is a leak, the sprinkler repair specialist may dig around the damaged pipelines with small shovels to gain access to them. Suppose, however, that the issue is with components above ground level. They will not have to excavate parts of your yard in that case.

Once all repairs have been completed, they will test your system to see if it is functioning correctly and, if necessary, perform any necessary repairs.

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