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Should You Buy a Beanbag Chair?

Beanbags, aka beanbag chairs do look comfortable, and we see them everywhere these days. However, do you need one in your home? Why should you choose a beanbag over other chairs? Well, the answers coming up may surprise you.


Contrary to popular belief, beanbag chairs are not just meant for lounging and relaxing because they come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. You just need to match the beanbag with its intended use. For example, did you know that there are beanbag chairs made for the office? If not, then check them out to know how work can be more ergonomic and relaxing than you think.


It’s not just versatility that makes beanbags such a favorite, but also their multi-utilitarian builds that make these fluffy sacks so useful. Buy an extra-large beanbag and it can also be adjusted to be used as a bed or the family couch. In small apartments, this saves space without sacrificing comfort. For homes with minimalistic décor, the beanbag helps in reducing clutter.

Pressure Relief

We tend to associate firmness with ergonomics and back support, but that’s only the half-truth. Medium-firm surfaces do provide lumber support, which is an important part of keeping backpain at bay but it’s not the only part. To keep your joints healthy whether you sit or sleep, the surface must also provide you with pressure relief.

An ergonomic beanbag does exactly that by conforming to the shape of your body and cushioning your resting joints. Ater all, there is a reason why so many gamers around the world prefer to game in beanbags, rather than in a gaming chair.

Saving Trees

Most chairs are made from wood, at least in part. Even though it may come with a green badge on it, no one can deny that a tree had to be cut down to harvest wood for that chair. On the other hand, both classic and modern beanbags have nothing to do with wood or trees. One may argue that a steel or an aluminum chair can claim the same, but metal chairs are simply not as versatile or as comfortable as a beanbag.

Pet Friendly

When we say pet-friendly, it means that your dog and/or cat will get rather friendly with the beanbag. Pets absolutely adore beanbags, so you may end up having to compete with them, just to find a space on your new beanbag! In fact, pets love beanbags so much that most cat/dog beds these days are just modified beanbags. It makes perfect sense as well, especially for big dogs and old cats who need the extra cushioning to relieve pressure from their joints.

If you have never used a beanbag before, check them out firsthand by getting one. Chances are that you won’t regret it, especially on days when relaxation seems like a priority. Some people find beanbags to be a natural fit for them, while others need a few days to get adjusted to their new seating positions. In the end though, almost everyone loves a beanbag chair.

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