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How To Create The Ultimate Chill Out Room For Teens

When the kids hit a certain age, it’s time to switch up what once was the playroom and turn it into a gaming or chill out room for the teenagers or pre-teens. Here are some great ideas to make this a space that the older kids will want to spend time in.

Make It Comfy

Add lots of comfy seating to the room so that they can hang out in there with their friends. As well as a sofa, you could add some bean bag chairs, which are great to chill out on. Bean bag chairs are also great for gaming and can be easily moved around. Perhaps carpet the floor or add a big rug to the room to give it a welcoming feel. Plenty of cushions also add to the feeling of cosiness.

Create Mood Lighting

Why not add some funky lighting to the room, such as a neon sign. You can even get custom neon signs to add that fun, personalised touch to the room. If the room lacks natural light, then add a table or floor lamp. Dimmable lighting is a good idea, so that they can have bright lighting if needed and turn it right down when gaming or watching a movie.

Add Storage & Display Hobbies

Plenty of storage for video games, books, board games and other hobbies is a must for a room for teenagers. If there is a space for everything then the room is less likely to become a mess. It’s also a great idea to display hobbies in the room. For example, if they like to skateboard, add a wall of storage for skateboards. Not only does it keep them off the floor, but it also adds a great feature wall to the room. The same could be done for a baseball collection. Add a foldaway gymnast mat if they enjoy gymnastics or have space for their guitar if they play an instrument. It’s a great way of encouraging their hobbies too.

Have a Statement Wall

Let the teens have some input into how the room is decorated with a feature wall. Perhaps they can choose a colour for one of the walls or choose some cool vinyl stickers to stick on it. They could even just cover one wall with prints and posters of their choice. If they are arty, you could even let them paint or graffiti on one of the walls to really add their own style. When surrounded by things that they like and have chosen then they are more likely to want to spend time in that room.

Add A Mini Fridge

We all know how teens don’t like to get up once they hit that couch. So, you could add a mini fridge to one corner with some drinks in so that if they are feeling extra lazy, they and their friends don’t have to get up to the kitchen to grab a drink.

There are some great ways to turn an old playroom into a more grown-up room suitable for teenagers. Or you could even do this to their bedroom if you don’t have a playroom. Get them involved in the process so that they can be a part of it too.

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