How can you break your tech addiction to lead a healthy life?

According to a study, many people are now becoming addicted to their Smartphones and are being referred to as smartphone zombies. Their urge to use the internet and technology is out of control.

In this era of digitalization, when not even a second go without using technology, this addiction is becoming common among people.

There are many resources being informed by the government, encouraging the withdrawal for people facing this addiction issue. These ways encourage by hosting many retreats, talent shows, exploring creativity, yoga sessions and many more things.

All these activities have certain protocols and are common to all. Another point of consideration is, are we ourselves willing to move without technology and then pay a hefty amount of money to get rid of this technology in the worst scenarios?

How can you make your technology use efficient?

Going ahead with technology seems difficult as we are living in a tech world. But keeping control of your technology use and still being updated about the latest trends and development is possible.

In fact, people are moving towards buying the latest technology and becoming a slave to it. Many people are borrowing funds from external sources like guaranteed acceptance loans from direct lenders to get the latest gadget. It is not a bad idea because these loans give you an assured chance of quick funding.

You can easily get a gadget of your liking without worrying about loan repayments. It is because the direct lenders pursue flexible lending terms on interest rates and repayments.

But you should know the difference between addiction and efficient use. With a few everyday tips mentioned below, it is possible to strike a balance between your work life and personal life:

Ways to reduce technological use

  1. Turn Off Notifications

This is just a click away and can be easily implementable in everyday life. You can turn off the push notifications since they are a little less useful and rarely important.

It attracts you to pick up your phone and not to leave it that soon. The same thing applies to your laptop as well. You can turn off the notifications and work in peace.

As per an anxiety expert, these push notifications force you subconsciously to open up that particular application irrespective of the importance of the message.

Once you open up the application, the job is done. You surfed that application even when you did not want to.

To avoid such situations, it is advisable to retrieve your emails and messages and keep control of your use of technology. Retrieving your emails and messages beforehand will keep you away from your phone for a longer time.

  • Shut down Unused Apps

Obviously, everybody knows about this tip. But the fact is, most of us do not completely log out of the program or any application. We do not shut down the program completely.

There is a reason why this tip has been mentioned. As per a study, the time taken to reopen the application, i.e. 10-15 seconds, is sufficient to make you realize that checking the application for something is completely unnecessary.

The repeated login may take a lot of time, but it will eventually save you from unnecessary surfing the application again and again. You will be encouraged to open only when it is required.

  • Use password

Technology is advancing every second. It sways away from the mind of an individual at the subconscious level, making it an addiction.

Just the screen light seems to grab your attention without reason. Due to the advancement in technology, nobody is saved from it.

Even newborns are attracted to the flashing light of their mobiles and laptops. To get a little less distracted, you can regularly shut down your mobiles and laptops to get the black screen in front of you.

This helps your mind to focus on one thing and not get distracted repeatedly. Another way is to use passwords to reactive your device.

As mentioned in the previous tip, the time taken (10-15 seconds) in reactivating the device often helps you consider the importance of turning on the device again.

  • Stay updated and peaceful

These days technology is advancing very fast and every day we have a new updated version of the previous one. Many people like to stay updated with the technology but some can afford while some cannot.

So there are loan options for such people. Many banks and direct lenders offer loan facilities to such people. These loan facilities include car loans, 1000 loan bad credit, home loan, healthcare etc.

Borrowing funds is crucial because you do not have to disturb your savings. Nowadays, online loans are quite popular and give a chance to people to rectify their financial woes quickly.

At the same time, you need to utilise the loans smartly and carefully. Any mistake can cause badly to your credit profile.

Obviously, there are certain terms and conditions attached to it. You can borrow these loans and buy the latest technology. When you are borrowing a loan, make sure to repay it on time as it can mount further pressure on you.

We all like to stay updated, be it fashion, knowledge, technology or any other field. But many studies confirm that excessive use of technology sooner or later leads to psychological problems like insomnia or severe anxiety leading to depression.


The benefit of following these tips may not be instant, but gradually, you will feel a change in your habits and calmness level. Also, scientifically, these gadgets emit harmful rays that are not good for the human body.

Too much exposure to these rays can have bad effects. There can be severe illnesses in the body due to these rays. Hence, you can make a change in your habits and move towards healthier habits.

These habit changes will lead to more efficiency and productivity in whatever you do. So, let us have conscious control over our use of technology to lead a healthy and happy life.

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