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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Tiles Adhesive?

Are you planning to lay down outdoor tiles to make a stunning new addition to your outdoor spaces? Choose the ultra-modern and durable tanzanite outdoor tiles, and breathe a new life into your outdoor living space. 

When setting outdoor tiles on a pre-existing surface like a patio or a concrete slab, you will require the right outdoor tiles adhesive – which is needed to make your outdoor deck, patio, or walkway withstand the test of time and harsh weather elements. 

There are many bonding/adhesive materials available in the market, from the modified to unmodified thin-set mortar and mastic to the polyurethane construction adhesive. Read ahead to know more about these adhesives, and Tanzite Stonedecks will help make your choice for the right outdoor tiles adhesive easier!

Purchasing the Right Tile Adhesive

Many homeowners and renters avoid taking on a DIY outdoor tile deck, patio, or walkway projects. Buying the right products and using them properly appears to be an overwhelming task. For an outdoor deck or a patio, you will need a modified thin-set mortar as an adhesive. 

Modified Thin-Set Mortar

The modified thin-set mortar gets attached to the tile or natural stone deck tiles to surfaces such as cement or concrete. The additive in the modified thin-set will ensure that your outdoor living space is sturdy enough to withstand the test of time. Adhesive materials such as unmodified mortar or mastic come with qualities/additives to resist the water or the temperature variations. A modified thin-set has more polymers and cement, aiding in better performance. 

PL Adhesive 

Another adhesive used for outdoor tiles projects is the PL adhesive. It is polyurethane-based moisture curing adhesive, which is much stronger than the standard construction adhesives. PL is a bit on the pricier side when compared to the thin-set while being used to fix tiles that come loose or while tiling a small, custom project.  

What is a Modified Thin-set Mortar?

This mortar is made using Portland cement, water, fine sand, and latex additives. The Unmodified thin-set mortar does not come with latex additives. While the additives aid in reducing water absorption, minimizing movement, and boosting the bond’s strength.  

Buying Tile Adhesives

The modified thin-set mortars are readily available at most home improvement stores and tiling shops. Make sure to talk to a sales representative that you will need the product for an outdoor project so they can recommend the specific tile adhesive product to you. It is advised to avoid the mastics and other pre-mixed adhesives for outdoor use. 

How Much Tile Adhesive Should You Buy?

The thin-set mortar comes as a dry mix in 50-pound bags. At the same time, the smaller bags are also available occasionally. Consult with the coverage chart on the backside of the bag to determine how much tile adhesive you will need. 

Generally, on average, a 50-pound bag covers up to 60 to 100 square feet, give or take – however, the project tile type can affect how thick a layer of adhesive product you will need to apply. 

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How to Mix Thin-set Mortar? 

Materials you will need

  1. Electric Drill
  2. Paint Paddle/Mixer
  3. 5-gallon Bucket 
  4. Water 
  5. Thin-set mortar adhesive product

Firstly, you will need an electric drill and a paint mixer/paddle. Most of the modified thin-set mortar products are prepared with water. While in some, a latex liquid is added instead. It is advised to check the instructions on the bag of adhesive properly. 

Water Mix Mortar Adhesive:

  1. Take a 5-gallon bucket and pour 2 inches of clean water 
  2. Put a small amount of the thin-set adhesive power in the bucket
  3. Mix the powder with water carefully. Add more water or the powder adhesive product as required to form a paste that has a frosting consistency you see on a cake. 

Different types of tile adhesives can come with different mixing methods. Some are required to be mixed, need to be sat for ten minutes or so, and mixed again. Your bag of adhesive products should have proper mixing instructions on it. It is important to follow those instructions completely to obtain the best results while building an outdoor deck, walkway, or patio. 

Is it necessary to use tile adhesive?

Yes, using a tile adhesive in most outdoor tiles scenarios is necessary. Laying the tiles traditionally using the sand-cement mixture in a lump at the tiles’ back is sure to create voids underneath the tile surface – through which water can easily seep through. Creating the while stain problem. Additionally, the tile will remain fragile in the area without any adhesive underneath it. 

Does tile adhesive color matter?

It depends on the type of tiles that you are laying down for your project, in addition to how clean you can work and the color of your grout. 

For instance, while using a light-colored natural stone tile, use white adhesive because of the possible shadowing and staining issues. Additionally, if you happen to be a messy worker, the white will assist you there too.  

There is everything you need to know to buy the right outdoor tiles adhesive. If you want to know more about the tile adhesives, Tanzite Stonedecks, or outdoor deck ideas, get in touch with us today or request a tanzanite outdoor tiles sample box now!

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