CBD Softgels vs CBD Tinctures: Which is Best for You?

CBD Softgels vs CBD Tinctures: Which is Best for You?

Both Cannabidiol (CBD) soft gels and CBD oil tinctures are helpful for a number of problems. However, it can be difficult to know just which type to pick because there are so many types on the market. The one that you choose will depend on the benefits of each type and what kind of effect you’re looking for. When it comes to CBD capsules vs oil, there are no losers- just different benefits for you.

Different Means of CBD Delivery

When contemplating CBD tincture vs capsules, both allow you the health and wellness benefits of this hemp-derived substance. It may simply be a question of which you will enjoy taking more. Some people love the way CBD oil tastes and want to use it in drinks or by itself. Some people find it quicker and more efficient to take capsules. If you are taking CBD for its general wellness benefits, it doesn’t matter much which of these you choose- they both deliver the same substance. However, if you are taking them for certain problems, one or the other might be far better to use.

The Speed of CBD Oil

One of the biggest differences between the oil tinctures and the capsules is how quickly the substance gets into your bloodstream. The fastest way to get it working is by vaping it. If you don’t want to do that, using an oil tincture is another quick way to feel its effects. This can come in handy when you are taking the CBD for stress, sleep or for a panic attack. In these cases, getting the CBD to work quickly is an important part of treating the issue.

When you take a CBD oil tincture, it is often used sublingually. That means that the drops can be placed under your tongue where you will keep them for at least 90 seconds. Then, you swallow the oil. This method allows the oil to be absorbed through the sublingual area and be passed directly into your bloodstream. With this method, you also get a high level of bioavailability. That means that more of the oil passes into your body than with some other methods.

The Convenience of CBD Capsules

There may be times when you don’t want others to know what you are taking. You may also be on the go and need a neat and clean way to get your CBD. In both of these instances, taking a capsule can come in handy. You can take them anywhere without any worry about a mess being made. And, they have no distinctive look that would make others believe that you’re taking CBD. If you don’t have time for the sublingual method, taking a capsule takes just seconds. And with the capsules, you don’t have to measure out your dose- the capsule has the right amount inside it already.

If you have tried CBD tinctures and found that you didn’t like the taste, taking the capsules is an easy way to take it without any taste. And if you travel often, having a bottle of liquid in your bag could be more difficult. With the capsules, there is no danger of your CBD leaking out. And when you’re busy, taking capsules can be more convenient because it tends to last a few hours longer than oil tinctures.

The Strength of CBD Capsules vs Oil

Using the capsules means there will be a lower level of bioavailability for your CBD. However, many people like being able to choose one strength and simply taking that amount as needed. This can take some of the work out of taking CBD. However, others like to be able to measure out just the right amount for them. They often take differing amounts depending on their health and how they feel. If you like a custom dose each day, choosing the oil might be better for you.

The Experience of CBD Tincture vs Capsules

For many people, the experience of taking their CBD is the important part. It may come down to simply whether you like the taste of the oil or not. It has an earthy flavor, and some love it while others don’t care for the experience. However, some oil tinctures have flavors added into them, and these can be more enjoyable to take for those who dislike the earthy taste. If you don’t want to find one with a flavor you like, or you really dislike the taste, the experience may be better for you if you take the capsule.

Making Your Choice

The set of criteria you use to choose your method of delivery is unique to you. While you may have a friend who loves the tinctures, the taste may be a non-starter for you. If you see others taking capsules, it’s fine if you prefer a custom dose each day. There is no need to worry if you have one preference over another. You’re not “doing it wrong” if you choose a different way from those around you. Ultimately, the best option for you depends on your needs and preferences.