Camping Under Twinkling Sky Bhandardara Maharashtra

The marvellous Bhandhardhara is a hotspot of tourism for its natural beauty and nearby attractions like famous hills, waterfalls, and Wilson demand Arthur lake. The Bhandardara lake camping contributes to being an astounding and peaceful experience amidst nature. This lovely campsite lets you reside in one of the most amazing and highly chosen camping and picnic spots for nature lovers. You can avail these super delightful camping sessions near Igatpuri and get mesmerised by the unbounded beauty of western ghats.

You will have an experience of camping at the interiors of Bhandardara which is the darkest spot in Maharashtra with the least amount of light pollution which you will witness at the night time with the darkest night sky possible. If you are lucky enough then you can witness the Milky Way with your naked eyes and spot numerous stars and galaxies that are never visible from the city. All those astrophotography lovers can take some killer trails and Milky way pictures. This will be a great treat for their lenses. If you are tired then you may chill in one of the open tents and immerse yourself under the sky filled with gazillions. There can be live performances of music around the bonfire and under the stars. In the early morning, you can relax on the boat ride around the Bhandardara lakeside camping. 

Best time to Go for a Bhandardara Camping

The best time to go camping for Bhandhardhara is up to you, you can easily decide or plan when to head to Bhandardara as any season is good to visit this place. This location has a tremendous increase in the footfall of travellers. The clear day bright rays of sunshine are falling on the trees and shadows created by canopies of towering trees. This is something that acts as a magnet for many travellers. However, in summer. The most ideal time to visit Bhandardara is during winter. In this season you catch nature at its best. The beautiful misty tiara forms above the head playing with the tips of towering trees. The pleasant temperature is there you will experience all time. Those who want to seek the surrounding waterfalls at their full swing should try to visit in monsoon season. This is when the falls are gushing to full capacity. Hence ideal months for camping are June to March. So, plan the visit accordingly even winters can be good for such light treks.

What is Special About Bhandardara?

There are plenty of various memorable and characteristic spots of enthusiasm that are close to Bhandardara. While on the camping excursion to Bhandardara guests can move up to see the Ratangad and Harishchandragad posts. Or again you can pursue the trails that lead to Ajiba and Ghanchakkar tops. The most elevated top in Maharashtra, that is Kalsubai is 1646 m. The beginning stage for the trek is from Bari Town which is around 12 km away from Bhandardara. A very much unique Sandhan valley is on the western side of the dam. That’s why Bhandardara is the best spot for camping in Maharashtra. This place will have no dull spot for you so enjoy camping here.

Brief Itinerary For Bhandardara Camping

Day 1

  • For camping, you can schedule as per the spots but for one specific place, one night for camping is enough. You can also spot yourself camping in Bhandardara. This experience will be at the nominal price here is the brief itinerary for you,
  • Arrive at the Bhandardara campground and enjoy a bonfire.
  • For experience, you should land alone at the Bhandardara campground by evening.
  • You will be dispensed on your camps post which can take some recreation time and investigate the timberland zone around the Bhandardara lake campground.
  • On return to Bhandardara camps to appreciate the campfire session with narrating and moving.
  • The end of the day with delicious supper.
  • Spend the beautiful night under the star-studded sky.

Day 2

  • Going to wake up to the lofty perspective on the lake dawn toward the beginning of the day and get refreshed.
  • After having the scrumptious breakfast you will settle up with the camps to bring the experience of the outdoors at Bhandardara to an end.
  • You can do camping on various sites. There are plenty of major and popular camping sites near. Some of these are waterfalls and in the forests which can be reached through trekking or exploration. 
  • Not just camping but here you can do many recreational activities, some of the attractive and mesmerising spots for camping are listed as follows:
  • Sandhan valley
  • Ghatghar Kokankada
  • Randha Waterfall Visit during monsoon
  • Umbrella Waterfall Visit during monsoon
  • Amruteshwar Temple Ratanwadi
  • Backwaters around Samrad Village
  • Kalsubai
  • Ratangad Fort
  • Bahuli Dam
  • Bhavli Waterfall during monsoon
  • Later done with camping, head back to the next destination in the evening.

As you can see there are plenty of options for camping at Bhandardara. You can have a great weekend at this place which will take your heart forever. The perfect place for a night camping with your friends or family this place offers a lot. Just to keep in mind for camping take comfortable clothes with you and also carry some dry snacks as whenever you are hungry at night you can have something to eat.

Carry mosquito repellent with you as there is a jungle around so you will be needed at night.

Lastly, plan your camping at Bhandardara and take lots of memories with you. The night camping under the twinkling stars with a hot Maggi in your hand will surely be the cosiest experience than any other five-star hotel. So, plan your trip soon to this magnificent place and create lifetime memories.Also you can visit camping near mumbai click tour

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