All About Leh Ladakh Tour With Kids

For family holidays, children usually form the most important component of the group and what better way to make them happy than to visit Leh Ladakh? It has a lot of interesting places to visit that are very suitable for kids as well as adults. Here are some places you should definitely visit in Leh Ladakh if you have kids with you! If not, don’t worry, these can still be great places to visit even if you’re alone! And if you really don’t have kids with you, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go through this list anyway!

Making Your Trip Hassle Free

Leh Ladakh has a relatively good infrastructure and is known for its rich culture and tradition. However, getting there can be a little difficult because of its remote location. Plan well in advance so that you do not have any problems during your Leh Ladakh trip. You can easily avail buses or flights from Delhi or Jammu to Leh. The capital city of Leh, which is situated at a height of 11,000 feet above sea level, receives heavy snowfall in winters and monsoon rains during summers (from mid-June to mid-September). In summer temperatures rise up to 40 degrees centigrade. Therefore, choose your clothes keeping these things in mind. Most people prefer comfortable cotton wear while visiting here; avoid synthetic fibres as they absorb moisture faster than cotton fabrics.

Best Time To Visit Leh Ladakh

It’s said that October-November is Leh’s best season, when days are pleasantly warm and nights are cool. Summers are dry but very hot; temperatures during May-June regularly reach 50°C (122°F). Mid-October to early March is better avoided, as it’s frequently rainy—though it’s worth considering since both winters and summers have some great sights. For example, winter has significantly fewer people. The monsoon season also provides amazing opportunities for adventures such as snowboarding on Hemis National Park. For travellers who want a summer holiday without all of those pesky tourists, it can be a great time to experience everything else LHL has to offer.

Best Budget Hotel In Leh

Hotel Summy’s Hotel is a great budget hotel if you are looking for a place to stay in Leh, which is convenient as well as inexpensive. Conveniently located on Airport Road, it makes for an ideal choice for those looking for low-cost hotels near the airport. The airport is at a distance of 4 kilometres and getting there takes about 30 minutes by road. The rooms here are clean and spacious and have all basic amenities like TV, AC, attached bathroom with hot water facility etc. Besides that, several other facilities are also available like restaurants serving multi-cuisine food, travel desks etc. Due to its economical rates coupled with good service standards & facilities, Hotel Summy’s can be an ideal choice when you want budget hotels near the airport or cheap hotels in Leh.

Best Restaurants In Leh

Leh has a few good restaurants and hotels, but there aren’t as many dining options here as there are in some other parts of India. For example, you won’t find any pizzerias or seafood restaurants. This can be both a blessing and a curse: it means that your culinary options are slightly more authentic than they would be elsewhere, but it also means that certain favourite dishes can be harder to come by. Of course, if you don’t like Indian food, then you might run into some problems here.

Things To Do In The Day Time In Leh

A trip to Leh is incomplete without a day or two at Nubra Valley, Diskit and Padum. Nubra valley is just two hours away from Leh by road. You can also get a flight from Leh to Khardungla and take a 2-3 hour jeep ride over Khardungla pass (highest motorable road in world) for about 60 km into Nubra valley. The valley has all that you can ask for when it comes to things: shops selling local handicrafts, stunning views of beautiful meadows and high mountains. You can also find some small Tibetan settlements here where you’ll have a chance to interact with their culture and learn more about them.

Nightlife In Leh – Things To Do At Night

The sun may set on Leh by around 6PM, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a whole bunch of things to do at night. While you have to wonder if it is worth staying up so late when all you have to look forward to is another beautiful day of sunshine, there are some very interesting things you can do at night when visiting Ladakh. Here are some of them

Things To Carry When Travelling To Leh Ladakh

A Carry On List For Leh-Ladakh Tourists : Travelling with a big bag is easier than travelling without one, but for some reason it’s hard to remember what you need and what you can leave behind. If you have children or are planning a long tour of Leh Ladakh, I have made a list of things that might help you during your trip. This list will be especially useful if your trip involves trekking as well as sightseeing.

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