Ways to Activate the Twitch TV on XBOX in just a Few Minutes

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Well, we have something for you that you are absolutely going to love. Twitch TV is a platform that lets you stream and watch unlimited gaming content for free. Joining the community of gamers here is absolutely free but if you want to unlock the premium content of it, you will have to pay for it.

Out of its many amazing features, the one that the players love the most is its compatibility with every device, especially with Xbox Console. But in order to do that, you will be required an activation code and there’s a whole process for it. Fortunately, we have made this guide to help you with that.

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Activating Twitch TV on Xbox Console

1 Download the Twitch TV on your Xbox device from the Microsoft store.

2 Launch the app and sign in.

3 This will directly take you to the activation page, make sure you don’t leave the page as there will be the activation code, copy that code to proceed.

4 On your smartphone or PC, visit the site https: //www. twitch. tv/activate, there you will be asked to provide the code you just copied.

5 If you are not logged in to it, first log in to your account.

6 Paste the code there and you are all done.

7 Finally, click on “Activate” and start playing.

So this is how you can activate the Twitch TV on your Xbox console within a few minutes.

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