5 best camping destinations in Maharashtra 

Maharashtra is a lot more than just beaches. It is a place full of adventure and excitement. The best place where you can spend your weekend or holiday with the most amazing sights of your life. A journey full of fun, joy and excitement, these places offer you the best possible memories which you would carry all your life. 

Here are top 5 places where you can plan your camping if you visit  Maharashtra. 


Kolad, in the Raigad area of Maharashtra. It is roughly 121 km away from Mumbai, which is around a 3.5 hours drive. This is an ideal spot for movement fans who are searching for a break from occupied city life.

This town of Maharashtra is an exceptionally quiet and lovely spot to visit. This town has a lovely and wonderful stream which is known as the Kolad waterway. It streams from the woodland slopes and offers an incredible chance for waterway boating for fledglings. The best and ideal opportunity to visit this spot is from October to February. 

Additionally, one can also travel the elevated mountains or investigate the close-by towns and partake in the entrancing perspectives presented by the area. A hot night pit fire or an invigorating night journey will be great for a reviving get-away in the wild. 

Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake is one of the most famous objections in Maharashtra. Visitors from all pieces of the nation visit the spot to partake in its peaceful magnificence. The spot isn’t just famous as a result of the close by noteworthy places yet additionally for the short-term setting up camp insight. Pawna Lake setting up camp is all that one expectations for when they ponder experience. Camping near the Pawna lake is not only adventurous and fun but also a very blissful experience. One visiting Maharashtra must visit this place. This place is among the top list of the travelers. The sun sets at the Pawna lake is something spectacular. 

Tikona Fort

Vitandgad is prevalently known as Tikona after its renowned three-sided shape, is a prevailing slope stronghold in Maharashtra. Roasted at the Pawan Maval area, this stronghold stands 3500 feet above ocean level. It highlights forcing strongholds, great water tanks and a grand entryway. Tikona Fort is a dearest setting up camp spot among travelers. The charming perspective from the highest stronghold makes the elating trip worth each progression. 

Kaas plateau

Arranged 290 km from Mumbai and 130 km from Pune, the camping area is a safe house for extraordinary greenery undisturbed by human overabundance. Closeness to the lake guarantees a lovely climate during the day, in the late evening during winter. The spot changes into an authentic Garden of Eden between the finish of August and October. That is the point at which the whole level blossoms with blossoms and intriguing predatory plants, for example, the Sundew and Pitcher plants as well as the eminent Venus Fly Trap. This wealth of fauna makes the site ideal for picture takers. 


Matheran implies a forest on the highest point of the slopes. The Matheran slope station is in the Raigad region of Maharashtra, situated on the western ghats. It is a truly lovely and little slope station for you to visit and appreciate nature in the entirety of its brilliance.

The slope station is roughly 90 km away from Mumbai and around 120 km away from Pune. 

The Matheran jungle is a favorite camping spot and offers some of the most bizarre experiences. Near the campsite, there is some lovely flora and fauna. It is a popular hill station destination in Maharashtra and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the country. There are also many beautiful resorts to spend your day in a comfy and cozy room. 

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