4 Myths about a Hair Transplant

People with baldness or thin patches on the head come to medical specialists to get advice and discuss their concerns about various techniques of hair restoration. These people, the majority of the time, express their concerns because they have heard enough misconceptions about a hair transplant.

In the past, medical specialists associated with hair transplant surgeries didn’t have a good reputation due to the unrealistic appearance of a hair transplant; at that time, technology was not advanced enough and surgeons have to transplant large grafts. According to the trichologist in Karachi, there are advancements in hair transplant procedures due to the improvements in technology.

However, there are a lot of myths that people tend to attach to hair transplant surgeries. In addition, bald people also don’t try much to know about these myths and decide to continue being bald. It is important for these people to get a hair transplant because it not only affects their personality but also their mental well-being. Additionally, in this piece of writing, we are going to debunk such myths that are attached to hair transplant surgeries.

Myths about a Hair Transplant

Here are some myths that you need to know about if you are going for a hair transplant:

1-Hair Transplant Success Rate

Many patients or people with baldness tend to believe that a hair transplant is only successful in younger men who are not only younger but also health. In reality, it is the opposite of this notion.

Hair transplant surgery, according to the medical reports, is more effective and successful in people with increased age, especially after the age of twenty-five. It is because by reaching that age, you have already experienced hair loss of thin patches on all your head.

Most people tend to seek a hair transplant at the very beginning when they start experiencing hair loss. However, this is not the effective and best way. If you want to get maximum effects, then you need to wait until hair loss occurs fully. In addition, you don’t have to go for hair transplant surgery at the initial level because hair transplant surgeons are unable to determine the boundaries of future hair loss.

If you get your hair surgery done initially, there are risks that hair falling would not stop in the other parts of the head, and this will leave it with an unnatural appearance.

2-Instant Results

There is also a myth of instant results associated with hair transplant surgeries. It is confirm that the results from hair transplant surgeries can’t be gotten overnight, and even after some days. Once you get a hair transplant, trichologists believe that it can take at least six to nine months to show its effective results.

In addition, it is also important for people to know that either they experience hair loss while sleeping or after getting a shock or not? It is possible that people experience hair loss while sleeping or due to a sudden shock. However, if hair loss is not severe, then it is quite normal because, after mild hair loss, hair roots will begin to grow and give natural growth. If you are looking for instant results after getting hair transplant surgery, you need to change your mind because you can get some anxiety when you will not get instant results.

3-Hair Transplant Surgery and a Donor

A hair transplant procedure, always, doesn’t need a donor from whom you will get hair. It is quite the opposite of other transplant procedures. In fact, you will get hair on your head from your own body.

After some years or even decades, it may be possible for a patient to get hair donation from others because currently, technology is not advance enough. In addition, the receiver’s body may reject hair from another’s body and the whole procedure would be a disaster and failure for not the patient but also the trichologist. Therefore, hair transplant surgeons prefer to transplant hair on the scalp from the patient’s own body.

Hair loss, in most people, affects the front area of the head and does not affect the back and sides. Therefore, hair transplant surgeons take hair from these places and transplant them to the front area of the head.

4-Long-Lasting Results

People tend to believe that hair will begin to fall out after some months after getting hair transplant surgery. However, the reality is the opposite because when hair grows back, the results will be effective and permanent. Transplanted hair grows naturally on the scalp after hair surgeries and it will not fall easily unless there is a disastrous condition.


These myths are essential to be known because they can affect your well-being after getting a hair transplant. Go through these myths and enhance your understanding.

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