3 Major Carcinogens to Be Aware Of

As science and technology advance, more and more carcinogens are being identified. In some cases, this is great news because it can lead to a growing public awareness of what to avoid, mitigating their risks of cancer. In other ways, it poses a major problem when the very things that are causing cancer are all around us and some are next to impossible to avoid, such as UV radiation from the sun.

While there are sunscreens on the market, they are not 100% effective, so there is always a risk with extended exposure to direct sunlight. However, what happens when workers and the general public are exposed to known major carcinogens through manufacturing and other unsafe corporate practices, such as dumping of toxic waste? For the moment, let’s look at three of the best-known carcinogens to be aware of.

1. EtO Emissions

This particular carcinogen made the national news in 2018 when the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services notified the community of Willowbrook that they were now living in what was known as the most toxic community in the entire nation. This was because of EtO, ethylene oxide, emissions coming from a company that should have known better, Sterigenics.

This is a manufacturing plant that markets their products as the leading industry for sterilization and sanitation products for the medical industry. As part of the greater Chicago community, people began filing claims with a leading Sterigenics lawyer as a result of unexplained cancers and issues with reproduction such as still births and infertility.

2. Radon

This is another carcinogen which has made national and international news over the past few decades. Most exposure comes from radon gas that cannot be discerned by the senses. It is colorless and odorless so it’s impossible to detect without special test kids. Many homes are located on grounds that emit unsafe levels of radon gas.

Although structures built prior to recognizing the health hazards of radon can hardly be faulted, new developments are required to test for this carcinogen. Some ignore the edict, leaving them vulnerable to lawsuits and claims. However, one online news magazine, The Oregonian noted that the government of their state was ignoring their own ruling in public housing.

3. Tobacco Smoke

Did you know that one of the leading toxic chemicals emitted from burning cigarette smoke is radon? That alone is cause for concern but there are multiple other carcinogens and toxic substances in tobacco smoke as well. This is what gave rise to harsh indoor smoking bans and some that disallow smoking within so many feet of doors and windows of public and commercial buildings.

Once the damage is done it’s too late to do anything but treat the illness, condition or cancer but the general public has recourse through the law. They can file claims for compensation if it is found that any public or corporate concern knowingly ignored federal and state statutes in place. These laws are on the books for your protection and if you find that they are being ignored, especially for corporate profit, attorneys will be your new best friends. They can file a claim on your behalf and maybe save thousands of lives in the process.

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