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WWE News: WWE Superstar Lana Violated By Boston Logan International Airport’s TSA Unit

WWE Superstar Lana may be getting her husband Rusev to “crush” some people soon, as she has claimed that an airport TSA unit violated her on Wednesday. This is not a shocking situation for the TSA, which many feel is more of a hassle than a helper when it comes to airport security. In fact, it has been reported that the TSA is inside every airport to make people “feel” that they are safer, not that they actually are in many cases.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Lana was apparently leaving on Wednesday from Boston when she went through the Boston Logan International Airport. It was here that Lana reportedly felt violated by one of the TSA employees. Most assume it was not a woman but a man who allegedly went too far in his “security check.” However, gender of the employee is not disclosed. Lana went online to let the world know of her issue with the airport, saying on Twitter…

“The most inappropriate behavior @BostonLogan TSA is doing to me. I have never felt this violated in my entire life.”

Obviously this was a black eye on the airport, which is why they quickly apologized over the incident, and even claimed Lana could report her issue with the TSA in a link provided, saying…

“We apologize for the poor treatment. You can report to @AskTSA online here.”

[Image by WWE]

Of course, they provided the link where a complaint involving the TSA could be filed. Wrestling-Online spoke with a representative from the TSA, who told the website that the “TSA is aware of these allegations. We reached out to the passenger and plan to communicate with her directly.” It is good that they are trying to resolve the issue with Lana.

However, this comes after various airport incidents had occurred. A man on a United flight was dragged off in one of the biggest stories of the week. The TSA is not immune from issues either. While in 2016 they found a record amount of guns, the TSA has fallen massively short on their goal to help over the last fifteen years. In fact, it is often called “security theater.”

Just ask Philip Baum, editor of the journal Aviation Security International and the author of a history on airline hijackings and bombings. He claimed as said above,”It is excellent security theater. But it’s highly questionable how effective it really is in preventing the next attack.” The TSA has become such a huge issue in their misses that Air Marshals are put inside planes of high volume passengers at major airports in hopes to prevent any sort of attack.

Air Marshals are a unit technically within the TSA that are not involved in the normal pat down and security point. Rather, they dress as a normal passenger and only show themselves when a threat is on board. That said, even they have had made mistakes so much so that they have also been the target of various groups wanting them removed as well.

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There is no perfect measure in security. However, the normal unit that does checks when you come in has become a major issue for people to deal with. Performers of all kinds have mentioned some sort of issue with them. Lana is just the latest one, which really did not make sense. Lana would not need to be patted down or need to have any sort of major check considering it would be doubtful that she would carry anything that would cause this measure.

The TSA by protocol, can only be examined by people of their own sex in order to avoid sexual assault possibilities. However, breaches in this protocol happen far more than it should. Airports see thousands of people a day with only a handful of people being a problem that needs a full body scan or major pat down. Most of those people end up not being an issue either. However, there comes a time in which the TSA go too far and have to be called out on it.

It is good that Lana did this, as a WWE employee she has the power to bring attention to a problem that can exist throughout various airports. Not every person who works with the TSA is bad or do their job in the wrong way. However, those people will have eyeballs on them as well as now a new public figure has come out due to an altercation with them. It’ll be interesting to see if the airport fires or punishes the employee over the Lana issue. Most of the time, nothing major happens sadly.

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