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Katy Perry Spiraling Out Of Control: Music Sales Disappoint, Still Hurt Over Orlando Bloom Split?

Katy Perry recent actions are reportedly showing clear signs that the singer is spiraling out of control, and this supposedly down to her breakup to Orlando Bloom earlier this year, it’s been alleged.

It was just three months ago when Katy Perry confirmed that she had called it quits with Bloom, as revealed by E! Online, stressing that the twosome was better off as friends, but since then, it seems as if the “Roar” songstress has been struggling to get over the romance.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, it certainly seems as if Katy Perry is still in love with Orlando, but a reconciliation seems out of the question, particularly since Bloom and his ex-girlfriend are both caught up in hectic work schedules with their own careers.

As Katy Perry gears up to tour the world again, she can’t be distracted by having a boyfriend that she’ll never see while she’s on the road, so Katy isn’t even entertaining the idea of just being in a relationship for the sake of it.

It goes without saying that the breakup has hit Katy Perry hard. What’s even worse is that she’s in the midst of releasing her fourth studio album, Warrior, yet even the singles she’s put out so far have struggled to have the same kind of chart impact that her previous records have had.

From the likes of “Rise,” “Chained to the Rhythm,” and “Bon Appetit,” none have come anywhere near the amount of records Katy Perry was able to sell from her previous album, Prism, which Celeb Dirty Laundry believes is another factor why the singer could be spiraling out of control.

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From what the outlet claims, not only is her personal life in shambles, she’s also struggling to make the big comeback she was hoping for, with social media users already wondering whether her new album, which hits stores next month, can pull similar opening-week numbers to her previous studio effort in 2013.

“Since her split from Orlando Bloom, the pop star has cut off her hair, cried in a live streaming video, and made bizarre public appearances,” the celebrity gossip site shares. “Fans and friends fear Katy Perry could go off into the deep end before it’s too late. She was hoping to be married with kids by now and didn’t think she would end up this way, struggling to find herself as an artist and without a man.”

“But there has been a lukewarm response over her first two singles “Chained To The Rhythm” and “Bon Appétit,” sources have said. Perry and her team have been scrambling to bust out another hit. She’s expected to drop “Witness” on Monday, May 15. She also announced her upcoming world tour and an official release date for her new album to help garner interest.”

According to music site ThatGrapeJuice, for every concert ticket that is sold for Katy’s upcoming shows, fans will get a free copy of the singer’s new album, and while it’s still unclear whether this method will count towards the overall sales of the record, some say it would technically be considered cheating.

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It seems that Katy Perry’s record label is fearing that the album will underperform, so the last minute strategy would be to offer a bundle where fans will not only get a ticket to the forthcoming show but also walk away with a copy of the album.

News of Katy Perry reportedly heading for a breakdown comes just days after she released yet another single titled “Swish Swish,” which many outlets claim is her way of responding to the ever-so-successful “Bad Blood” record from Taylor Swift.

The two have been feuding since 2013 and haven’t seen eye-to-eye since.

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