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Bolton police shoot dead two rampaging pit bull-type dogs

Police have shot dead two pit bull-type dogs after they went on the rampage, attacking passersby in Bolton.

Greater Manchester police said two other pit bull-type dogs involved in the incident on Chorley New Road, on Sunday morning have been seized and they are still searching for another.

A 38-year-old man believed to be the owner has been arrested on suspicion of allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place, and affray.

A 60-year-old woman suffered a bite to the hand, a man was bitten on the leg, and a dog suffered serious injuries.

Marya Mahmood told the Manchester Evening News: “We saw two dogs that were not on leads and about four or five dogs on a lead being held by a man. The ones off the leads were chasing the police officers and they had to shoot them otherwise they were going to attack them.

“Were heard them shoot two dogs. They were quite big dogs that looked like pit bulls. The man who was arrested was crying because the dogs had died.”

Supt Chris Allsop of Greater Manchester police said: “Highly trained officers responded quickly to the scene and took control to avoid the situation from escalating. The officers acted with our number one priority in mind: to protect people and prevent them from harm. I’d like to thank to the public for their patience and full cooperation as we remain at the scene and carry out our inquiries.”

Police said they were called to the scene at about 10.20am after reports six pit bull-type dogs were out of control.

The 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act banned pit bull terriers although the legislation classifies dogs by type rather than breed. Whether a case falls under the legislation depends on the dog’s characteristics as judged by the authorities.

Pit bull terriers were initially bred as fighting dogs by breeding bulldogs and terriers to produce a dog that was both agile and strong.