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Blac Chyna: Rob Kardashian’s Mom, Kris, Fears Baby Mama Could Take Dream From ‘KUWTK’ Star

Blac Chyna’s feud with Rob Kardashian has Kris Jenner worried that it could potentially be hard for her son to see his daughter, Dream, it’s been alleged.

According to reports, a nasty custody battle is brewing in the air, and with Blac Chyna having made it known that she’s not only seeking a restraining order but also plans to file a lawsuit against the TV star, Kris is walking on eggshells to hinder further damage.

Hollywood Life claims that Blac Chyna knows some of the darkest secrets about the Kardashians, and while Kris would most likely be able to end the feud by using the former stripper’s alleged drug habit against her in court, things could divert drastically.

The momager doesn’t want any further damage done to the Kardashian brand, and with all the things that Blac Chyna reportedly knows about the family, fighting with her regarding the custody of Dream could be a dangerous game to play.

Rob has put his family in a really hard position, at least as far as supporting him is concerned. They want the best for him but he has himself to blame for what has happened between him and Blac Chyna.

Right now, sources say that Kris Jenner isn’t pulling any significant moves that could make the situation even worse.

She’d be interested in having a conversation with Blac Chyna regarding the matter before she thinks about the next move because from what she’s seen, Blac has proven herself to be someone that can certainly outsmart the Kardashian family.

And now that a baby is involved, it’s extremely difficult for Kris Jenner to make any sudden decisions that could potentially prevent Rob from spending quality time with his daughter.

Hollywood Life adds by saying that Kris is refusing to underestimate Blac Chyna regarding the court-ordered dates she has coming up.

There’s a chance Blac Chyna will seek for a hefty fee for Rob’s reckless decision in releasing private photos of her that she gave him no consent to release on social media.

Blac has already lawyered up, and with the way things are looking, it’s about to get really ugly between the former couple, who initially planned to get married this week.

[Featured Image by Maury Phillips/Getty Images]