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Alexa Bliss Nude Pictures: WWE Star Denies Racy Photos, But Scandal Could Have Effect On ‘Payback’ And Beyond

Alexa Bliss is speaking out against her alleged nude photo scandal, but the WWE star’s denials may not be enough to stop the fallout from hitting Payback and its aftermath.

This week, pictures spread allegedly showing Bliss in nude poses, though the WWE star’s face reportedly wasn’t visible. The pictures caused quite a stir, especially after some other of the WWE’s top women stars were the victim of nude photo leaks, but Bliss denied that it was her in the pictures.

Bliss tweeted less than 24 hours after the pictures hit the internet, letting fans know that they were fake and demanding that they be taken down.

Once again, the risqué photos on the Internet supposedly of me are bogus.

— Alexa Bliss (@AlexaBliss_WWE) April 28, 2017

I am offended and demand these altered photos be removed immediately

— Alexa Bliss (@AlexaBliss_WWE) April 28, 2017

It’s not clear where the photos came from, or if they had been altered in some way.

Over the course of the last few weeks, a number of the WWE’s top women talent has been subject to nude photo leaks. The most famous was Paige, who saw both nude photos and an alleged sex tape leak last month. This came amid a wave of other leaked nude celebrity photos, with actresses Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson allegedly targeted, leading to rumors that there might be another large-scale leak like the one in summer 2014 that hit Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and dozens of other celebrities.

The latest leak has focused heavily on WWE talent, with at least four women targeted. But Alexa Bliss is not the first WWE star to claim that leaked nude photos were fake. Summer Rae, who was targeted not long after Paige’s photos leaked, also denied that it was her in the racy shots.

“As they say, don’t believe everything you see on the internet,” she tweeted at the time (via the Sun). “There’s people out there with a lot of tine on their hands and a big imagination.”

Though Alexa Bliss was quick in denying that the nude photos were really her, the timing could still be very damaging for the rising WWE star. The photos hit the internet just a few days ahead of the first post-WrestleMania pay-per-view event, Payback, and there have been reports that Bliss could make a jump to the top of the WWE with the event.

Wishing @AlexaBliss_WWE and all the #Blissfits in the world an extremely #Blissful Saturday! Please RT/Like to spread the love and Bliss!

— #BROKEN Will Hughes (@WilliamRULEZWWE) April 29, 2017

Bliss had a chance to make a big move with the Smackdown Shake-up that saw her move to RAW, and the Independent noted that Bliss climbed the ranks very quickly. She will now take on Bayley for the Raw Women’s Championship.

“Bliss’ strong in-ring talents are surpassed further by her ability on the mic and she looks a good bet to usurp the champ this weekend. Will this finally be the night we see Sasha Banks turn the knife on good friend Bayley? The teasing of this heel turn has been delightfully teased across the last couple of months in one of Raw’s better, long-running stories – personally I think Banks will be a great hate figure for the WWE Universe such is her swag and arrogance.”

Most wrestling followers are predicting that Alexa Bliss will defeat Bayley, putting her on the path to be the WWE’s top woman wrestler, though the league has shown in the past that it can be a bit unpredictable and Bliss’s win isn’t a given.

While it may be unlikely that Alexa Bliss and her potential rise to the top of RAW will be affected by the nude photo allegations, it is still a dark cloud hanging over her. As the pay-per-view event approached, the alleged photos were still circulating online and many fans questioning whether it was really Bliss in the pictures. With the bigger spotlight of Payback coming up, it’s likely that unwanted attention will continue.

[Featured Image by WWE]